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Bible Study at Cornerstone Church

bible study el paso

Studying the Word of God is key to developing your relationship with God and your understanding of the Bible. Cornerstone Church in El Paso offers Bible study every second and third Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. We encourage you and any of your friends or family members to join us so you can grow as a Christian and strengthen your relationship.

Why is Bible Study Important?

Studying the Word of God is important because it helps you understand the Bible and apply it to your life. Studying regularly turns us into lifelong students and helps us grow into Christlikeness.

Topics We Cover During Sessions

During study, we cover various topics related to life and the Bible. From money and relationships to school and community service, there are many aspects of life where the Word of the Bible can be incorporated for us to learn and do better. A few topics we talk about include perseverance, journaling, living intentionally, thriving in marriage, and living in an online world consumed by social media and online messaging. From children to grandparents, everyone can benefit from studying the Word of God.

We begin our sessions with prayer, where we praise God and thank him, and by analyzing our current relationship to God and the Bible. We see where our weaknesses lie and seek to make improvements. During the session we'll read and interpret scripture, seeing how it applies to our lives and what we can do to understand it better. They're open, honest sessions that allow for questions and analysis of the passages.

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If you're looking to attend Bible study regularly, you're in luck! Cornerstone Church offers study sessions twice a month. Stop by soon!

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