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Family Ministries at Cornerstone Church

Family Ministry

Part of our goal of offering worship to people throughout El Paso's community includes family ministries. We currently offer family ministries for people of all age groups and backgrounds, so you can come and worship God, learn more about the bible, and develop your relationship with God further in a group of people who come from similar backgrounds as you.

Some of our ministries include:

Women's Ministries

We have a ministry designed just for women that will include tea parties, worship, and gatherings for the women of our church. We hope this brings faith and understanding to the women who attend our church.

Men's Ministries

Our ministry for men include a men's night out. We work with men who want to further their relationship with Christ and learn more about the Bible. We want to see men grow in integrity, character, and devotion towards faith and family.

Youth & Student Ministries

We are currently working on developing ministries for youths and students. We understand that adolescence and college can both be stressful times in a young person's life. Youth and student ministries can help alleviate that stress by bringing them closer to God.

Children's Ministries

We offer TGIF-Today, God is First- on Fridays as a children's ministry. Children's ministries help to foster a relationship with God at a young age, helping it to grow stronger as they grow up.

Community Outreach

We've made it our goal to be a beacon of light in the El Paso community. We have sponsored food pantries at other churches and organizations, gathered donations for pantries throughout the city, and regularly donate food to organizations throughout Juarez, Mexico. We've also worked extensively with an orphanage in Juarez to help them out and make sure they have enough food. We are currently sponsoring a family from Italy who is holding ministries in Mexico.

If you're interested in joining one of our family ministries or would like to join us for worship on Sundays, we encourage you to do so! Feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

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