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Who We Are: A Spirit Filled Church

Christian Churches

Cornerstone Church is a nondenominational church dedicated to strengthening families, empowering people with the Word of God, and providing a place to the El Paso community for worship. Our goal is to continue our outreach in El Paso's community and spread the message of the Bible to our members and beyond.

Our Vision

Cornerstone Church's vision is to provide people with a place where they can better themselves, their families, and their community by fostering a relationship with God. Our spirit-filled church is:

  • A place where people passionately worship God
  • A place where people encounter God's Presence
  • A place where people are Spirit led and Spirit filled
  • A place where people are transformed by the infallible Word of God
  • A place where people are compassionate to others
  • A place committed to raising, equipping and empowering a generation that is consumed with one purpose: Christ for All Nations!

Our Mission

"Loving God, Loving People"

Our mission is to bring people together through the Word of Christ. When you have God in your hearts, you are strengthened and empowered to do good. We believe people gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them when they let God into their hearts.

Our Values

As a Christian church, our values reflect the principles we hold near and dear to our hearts, ones we hold high in all aspects of our lives and during worship at our church:

  • We Value Biblical Principles
  • We Value A Personal Relationship with God
  • We Value Family
  • We Value the Church
  • We Value People

Join Us at Cornerstone Church

When you join us in attending worship at Cornerstone Church, you gain the opportunity of joining a group of people who will lift you up and help you create a better relationship with and for God. We offer worship every Sunday at 10 a.m. as well as other programs throughout the week. We look forward to having you!

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